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I have been writing quite a bit lately, I am extremely happy with how the songs are turning out. There is no greater feeling than when you start writing new songs and playing around with chord progressions. It’s one of those things that consumes you all day and I am either scribbling on napkins and post-it or I write lyrics in my phone, you know the cliché writer stuff. But I really have been losing myself  listening to the obscure Bob Dylan albums, Rodney Crowell, Connor Oberst and lately I have really been loving what Joe Purdy has been writing. I really can't wait to record them and show them to the world. I will be entering the studio very soon to record my second solo album. 

Currently, I have been in the studio with some great musicians and friends working on a new project. For those of you who know me I have a major passion for true Rock n Roll. I have always wanted to write a rock n roll album. So far it is very exciting and I love how the songs are turning out. I am working with Robert Parker Jr. Matt Zwish and Brent Fullenton. The album will probably end up with six songs, 3 written by Robert Parker Jr. and 3 by yours truly. 

Stay Tuned!



The physical copy of my new album "Simply Human" is here. It will be available to order in the store in the next couple days. It will also be available at all upcoming shows. If you would like a digital copy I have made it free to download for now, just go to the Music page.


This is super exciting, I have been looking forward to sharing my new music with the world. On this site you can follow my own music as a songwriter as well as the music in my other projects. Please sign up for my newsletter.... More to come.

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